Artist Statement

Within my artwork I explore ideals of our existence, evolution and relationships. These images investigate interpersonal relationships and our need for social interaction against conflicting concepts of evolution. The appearing scenes satisfy the viewer's lust for a narrative concept by activating our personal database of memories which results in our own experience of reflection upon the image. To question ourselves - what relationship is taking place before us? These artworks contest the ranking of identity and authority with issues of gender and the role of family.

I explore this ideal through methods of abstraction using ephemera and photographic images, physically manipulating the scale and fragmenting the forms through the use of transparencies. I work intensively upon the images, almost to a point of destruction, and then layer and juxtapose conflicting images combined with elements of drawing, painting and printmaking on paper.

I consider myself to be a multi-disciplinary Contemporary artist, I have exhibited a wide range of artwork .My artistic practice gravitates between Digital Photography, Drawings on Paper, Perspex, Aluminium, Printmaking and a combination of all these