beyondthecut_collage Artworks

Juxtapositioning and the Layering of Images to construct a Narrative, in order to retrieve a Memory, which belongs to a World that is already lost.

beyondthecut_collage - Wendy Couling

I am a Mixed Media Collage Artist based in North Wales. The main aim of my studio practice is assembling artworks that create a new reality. As well as being an Artist, I am also a Mixed Media Workshop Provider.

I have always been fascinated by the process of layering images to discover a new meaning, and how these newly composed artworks can relate to the viewer by adding their own life experiences upon the image. Many of my artworks question our ideas of identity, gender and beauty, and society’s longing to escape the normality of everyday life.

Most of my artworks are inspired by the Retro / Vintage 1950s Scrapbook period and discarded objects or images.

All of my collage artworks are created from hand-cut images discovered in discarded vintage books, etc and all pieces are originals.